Publications & Presentations


Drs. Oliver and Quinn are frequently invited speakers at international conferences.

Previous presentations:

University of Toronto Nephrology, Academic Program

2017 University of Toronto Nephrology, Academic Program

Optimizing Peritoneal Dialysis: An Update for 2017, Dr. Matthew Oliver, Associate Professor, University of Toronto, Medical Director of predialysis, vascular access, and peritoneal dialysis at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.


Upcoming presentations:

ANNA 2017 National Symposium

ANNA 2017 National Symposium

The ANNA National Symposium provides you the opportunity to Collaborate, Network, and Learn with your nephrology nurse colleagues from across the nation and the world. Spark your professional development and energize your practice while learning from experts in the field. Join us in the historic and vibrant setting of Washington, DC, and help us raise the volume of the nephrology nurse’s voice in health care today!

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Annual Dialysis Conference

2017 Annual Dialysis Conference

This conference is designed for health professionals involved in dialysis programs. It covers all aspects of dialysis with sessions on Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, Pediatrics, Nursing, and Nutrition

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2017 Canadian PD University

2017 Canadian PD University

Baxter’s Peritoneal Dialysis University (PDU) was created for nephrologists in 2004 as a national peer-to-peer forum, with the goal of building understanding of PD and sharing ideas for the improvement of access to the therapy.

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Drs. Oliver and Quinn publish their work in high impact peer reviewed journals.

A list of DMAR related publications include:

  1. MacRae JM, Clarke A, Ahmed SB, Elliott M, Quinn RR, James M, King-Shier K, Hiremath S, Oliver MJ, Hemmelgarn B, Scott-Douglas N, and Ravani P on behalf of Alberta Kidney Disease Network. Sex differences in the vascular access of hemodialysis patients: A cohort study. Clinical Kidney Journal. 2020 May 23. In Press. Coauthor or Collaborator.
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